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Your employees mental & physical wellness helps them work more effectively and efficiently, aids staff retention and less days lost to sickness.

To help maintain your staff I am offering Wellness Work Days

These include a full or half day at your offices, bringing my own treatment couch, aromatherapy oils and creams. All I ask is for a small quite room or area. Treatments offered are a Boost & Balance treatment within an employee’s half hour break to help destress and boost focus or the deeper more intense Heal & Repair treatment within employee’s one hour break for those suffering with physical ailments such as pain or recurring illness. Each treatment is tailored to each employee depending on the starting point and aims. These may include Negative to Positive Meridians, Magnetic Therapy, Reiki Healing, Rhythmic Reflexology, Emotional Reflexology, Aromatherapy. Employees can be treated in their workwear though  access to feet may be required.

These are helpful to ease a employee back to work after a period of sickness, for those struggling with stress either from home or work. Regular treatments help maintain mind body and energy levels. 

The cost may be paid by the company, the employee’s or a combination of both. A monthly visit keep employee’s working at optimum efficiency.

 A full day costs £500, a half day £250, Heal & Repair £50, Boost & Balance £25 Upto 16 associates can be treated in a day. 

If you would like to know more, please call on 07595547077 email

If you are unsure about the effectiveness of holistic therapies, I will offer the decision maker or head of HR a free Boost & Balance


Reviews from Wellness Wednsdays - Jaynes like a little Tinkerbell with such a beautiful energy, she brings a glow to everyone

I'd had a bad knee for a few years and I was worried it would give way at a really important time. One session and staright away it was better, didn't think it would help but it really has and it's been good for over a year now, weird but worked

Jaynes really helped sort my stress without having to explain what it was, very discreet, very useful, its really sorted me out both at home and work stuff. I can't believe by doing my feet she's sorted me out top to toes

Jaynes magnetic back massage is the BEST thing I've ever experianced, it's so relaxing and I feel so amazing for weeks afterwards. I normally avoid massage treatments hate taking my clothes off so this is fantastic over my clothes, same again next month please!

Primrose Therapy has brought a refreshed energy to the offices, the team are working better togther. 


These treatments are non-invasive and require no drugs. They are holistic in that they treat the whole body and mind. Often a pain may be felt in one area of the body, but its source or trigger can be elsewhere. By treating the whole body, blockages can be released leading to a smoother functioning body . You can have Reflexology and Reiki alongside the regular medical route.

Reflexology and Reiki may be helpful in the following areas 
•Stress related conditions
•Muscular and joint pain
•Sport injuries, maintaining peak fitness
•Breathing disorders
•Digestive disorders
•Hormonal imbalances
•Fertility issues
•Emotional Issues

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